Fuzzy's Home Page

Dr. Michael L. Mauldin has a professional web page and a flying page

His Mom and Grandma , see his family tree

Fuzzy likes to snorkel , fly aerobatics and raft on whitewater

Team Toad is building a BattleBot named FrostBite .

Fuzzy the Pirate is often seen in the Cayman Islands for Pirate Week,
helping to release farm-grown Hawksbill Turtles like Fred into the wild.

This summer he took his family on a Caribbean cruise.

Fuzzy in Aruba, , Family in San Juan .

In summer 2001 he took his family to Europe and Africa to see

Big Ben, , the Sphinx and the Pyramids They went on

an African safari , saw all kinds of animals and

a total eclipse of the sun

In 2000 he took his kids to a

rain forest and kissed a dolphin while his wife was watching

Mike lives at the Lazy Toad Ranch with his wife Debbie

Last updated 6-Oct-2003 Lazy Toad Ranch