Lycos Beta Test

Source code

The Lycos/Pursuit source code for the web indexer and explorer is now available. The current release is Lycos 0.9beta2 6-sep-94.


The README file describes briefly how to unpack, compile and install Lycos/Pursuit.

To Do List

Before you ask for a feature, please look at the Lycos To Do List to see if I am already planning to add it.

Mailing List

The Lycos-users mailing list, maintained by Edward Vielmetti, may be a useful resource. To subscribe, send mail with this body:
	echo "subscribe lycos-users" | mail

Selected mailing list posts are archived here:

Bug List

  1. [Fixed in Lycos 0.9beta2 6-sep-94] Thanks to William Kearns MHLP-CSC
    The original pinvert and pursuit programs were case senstive in locating start and end document tags (e.g. and ). The first bug fix replaces several streq() calls with strfoldeq() calls.

  2. [Fixed in Lycos 0.9beta2 6-sep-94] Thanks to Chris Colomb
    I omitted the pursuit-beta script and compile-scoutget in the original distribution.

  3. [Fix not yet released] Thanks to Steve Durgin
    Date: Sun, 11 Dec 1994 16:49:01 -0500 (EST)
    From: Steve Durgin 
    To: fuzzy@CMU.EDU
    Subject: Bug..
    I found a pretty serious bug for non-Sun systems.  I'm running a small 
    Lycos server on my Silicon Graphics Indigo R3000 machine running Irix 
    4.0.5F.  The bug is in pbuild.c in the put_word function.  After hours of 
    testing, I found out that any 3 letter queries failed.  Well, turns out that 
    pbuild was writing the word in the wrong place somehow.  I tracked it down 
    to :
    put_word (word, file) 
    unsigned long word;
    FILE *file;
      char buf[4];
    If you change the buf definition to an unsigned character, it works.  It 
    seems this problem doesn't occur on the Sun as I've done three-letter 
    searches on your server before.
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