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Event Report for HSRC 2002 in Fort Washington, PA

(21-Apr-2002) Okay, we're back from the NERC's event held at the Fort Washington Expo Center.


Debbie's robot SnowCone did better this time, with 2 wins plus 1 win by forfeit, and 2 losses.

SnowCone's first fight was a forfeit from Bad Grammar.

Her second fight was against Freezer, a two-wheeled plow bot with wooden wheels and a wooden plow. SnowCone had no trouble removing the rubber tread from the wooden wheels, and severely chewed up the wooden wedge. It wasn't a knock-out, because Freezer's wheels kept moving, but the decision was 42-3 for SnowCone.

Her third fight was against Helios, a Little Drummer Boy clone with a Team Delta modified Jensen for its weapon motor. Helios got SnowCone from the side and rammed her into the Lexan. The blade imbedded itself into the Lexan so deeply that Fuzzy had to kick the blade loose.

Her fourth fight was against EMF, a saw robot with a Lexan shell (but not for long). SnowCone ripped the shell off, and when EMF wouldn't stop moving, she ran SnowCone into the naked bot and impaled it on SnowCone's blade.

SnowCone's fifth and last fight was with SunFlower, Derek Zahn's 30 pound vertical spinner. SnowCone had difficulty with its blade hitting the floor, slowing it down and making it an easier target for the wickedly fast SunFlower. Derek simply got around to the side of SnowCone, and took out the right gearmotor shaft with a hard hit. Once that wheel was dead, SunFlower took SnowCone to the wall and tipped it over on its side. The blade ran for 5-10 seconds before we were able to shut it down. We found out at home that this fight destroyed the 4" MagMotor's front bearing, an expensive end to the day.


El Furro, our comedy entry, did better than expected...winning one fight against MiniJohnson 27-18 before losing in a knockout to Zip Tie Bot.



TadPole had two wins, but lost to Zip Tie Bot, ending his hopes for a third championship.

TadPole's first fight was AntEater, who fell prey to TadPole's lifting spike. TadPole's second fight was ClampDown, who also fell easily after being lifted by TadPole's spike. Unfortunately, Fuzzy got cocky and was judo'ed by Zip Tie Bot, who got his own lifting spike hooked into TadPole's arm, and flipped him upside-down, allowing him to push TP out the door for the win.

TadPole got revenge by flipping Zip Tie Bot upside-down in the antweight rumble, clearing the whole table and winning the audience vote for the antweight rumble.


But the star of the show was Ice Chip, who took second place in the antweight division, with 3 wins before a heart-breaking loss to Derek Zahn's Dancing Queen in the championship fight.

IceChip's first fight was against Minor Threat. Minor Threat was DQ'ed, because it turned out to be on the same frequency as IceChip, but Kelsey had the frequency clip. The opponent had registered a different frequency.

IceChip's second fight was against Reflex, Chris's 2 pound walker. IceChip took him over the wall, proving that you don't have to have a one foot gap to get your opponent on the floor.

IceChip's third fight was against ShoeBot. They met head to head in the center of the arena, and ShoeBot seemed to have the better traction, but Kelsey just backed up and came back for a different hold. The third try was the charm, and Kelsey got ShoeBot from the side. Once she had one wheel up in the air, it was an easy push over the edge.

The championship was Ice Chip versus Dancing Queen, a four-sided wedge with a twirling disco ball built by Derek Zahn. The two robots met in the middle, and neither gave ground. Then Ice Chip got Dancing Queen by the side, and they circled the middle of the arena for a whole minute. It looked like Kelsey would win on points, but somehow DQ backed away, and when Ice Chip chased after it, she got too close to the side door. Out-positioned, Ice Chip was shoved over the edge into second place.


Mini-Mauler had a disappointing session, winning one forfeit before losing twice.

After first receiving a forfeit, MM fought Virus, a low fast wedge (the bane of full bodied spinners everywhere). The match had to be stopped several times, because once virus drove under MM, the weight of the two robots would prevent Virus from moving. Although MM kept spinning, and got in several hits, there was little he could do to hurt the wedge (Virus won 30-15). MM's low ground clearance turned out to be a problem, given the unevenness of the new steel floor.

For the third match, I rearranged the motor brackets to give MM an extra 1/8" ground clearance, and that would have been a big help, except that I broke the Jensen motor when I pounded the lid on for for the fight. MM couldn't spin up its weapon, and lost in a decision to Silver Cyclone (28-17).

For the rumble, we let Crystal, Jacey's friend from Pittsburgh, drive Mini-Mauler in the rumble. We hadn't fixed the spinner, so we put the old "Mauler 51-50" lid on. Crystal drove well, but MM ended up upside-down after 3 minutes.

Action Photos


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